The Reconciliation module is a tool designed to help you to reconcile your bank statements with the transactions in your PostFinance Account. Using Reconciliation does not affect transactions or money transfers in any way.

The Reconciliation module works with selected acquirers . Please contact us to see if your acquirer supports reconciliation.

Data files
A data file is a file comparable to a bank statement, issued by an acquirer. It's also referred to as an EPA file. Only selected acquirers send data files to our system (please check with our customer care Merchanthelp if they apply to you).

Using data files from the acquirers, our system can pre-process the data, making the reconciliation task easier for you.

  • The data file information may not be immediately available in your PostFinance Account, because some acquirers wait a few weeks before first payment of a new merchant’s transactions, and acquirers usually issue data files after the payout. Thus, PostFinance does not receive data file information directly after the first transactions, and will receive it after some time.
  • The data file information is never available for transactions older than the date when the Reconciliation module was activated.