PostFinance DirectLink allows you to set up a server-to-server integration with our platform. The customer remains on a page of your own that will securely send the payment data to our servers.

You can also use DirectLink for maintenance of transactions, whether they were initiated in DirectLink or in e.g. e-Commerce mode.

The graph above shows a transaction flow with DirectLink integration.

Using DirectLink, there is no contact between our system and the merchant's (your) customer. Your system transmits all the information required to make the payment directly to our system in an HTTPS POST request. Our system requests the financial transaction (synchronously or asynchronously) to the relevant acquirer and returns the response to your server in XML format. Your programme reads the response and resumes its processing.

You are therefore responsible for collecting and storing your customer's confidential payment details and must guarantee the confidentiality and security of these details by means of encrypted web communication and server security.

In order to store personal and card data, you need to be PCI compliant.